REWARD for information of Nicks whereabouts.

POSSIBLE LOCATIONS: Ohio, Detroit, North Carolina.

He supports himself by ripping off Bail bond companies, then moving on to attack more children.


Here is one blog reporting such scams to bail bond companies.

It appears that Douglas aka Griffith is still at it. He has called at least 2 bail companies this morning trying to scam them on a fugtive pick up job.

He calls and states that a skip the bail bond company is looking for is in Ohio, trying to cosign a bond for someone else. He then states that he will hook them up and bring them back to the out of state bail agent for a fee, $1000 or $2000 paid up front by a prepaid debit card.

Apparently Griffith is looking at bail bond company websites that list fugitives. That is how he knows to call and run his scam.

He is still using  419-496-7694

A Minnesota recovery agent is looking for any info anyone can help them with finding Griffith. His number is 651-402-4751. Ask for James.


UPDATE 8/25/13

It seems Nick is not happy about his picture being up on our sight and here on Facebook. He calls us everyday now from a blocked number, telling us he is not hiding and that all his family are Secret GOVERNMENT types!!! while asking for our addresses LOL. He claims to have indictments handed to us this week, if we don’t stop publicizing him. He claims he’s the black sheep of the family and they have loads of money to clean his record when ever he screws up, LOL. good on ya Nick. I don’t know if you should be proud to mention that about yourself. Anyways folks, if you know anything about Nick here let us know. we do pay rewards for real information. we need to get monsters like this off our streets and in jail with other child rapists of his kind. He likes to scam Bond offices for fake captures of fugitives, this also gives him the chance to scope out children in playgrounds when he is in his fake patrol car, he will also wear official looking uniforms and badges to keep unsuspecting parents off guard.